Our Philosophy

Starting as growers, the Toor brothers learned the business from the ground up.

Randy, Jessie and Dave Toor were educated in the vineyards and their philosophy for making great wine was developed there – memorable, award winning wines are only possible with the very best grapes.

Each region has a specific terroir and wines can be crafted to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the area where the grapes were grown. By planting vines that prosper best in a particular vineyard, Desert Hills Estate Winery is able to grow grapes that flourish. This creates better wines as the relationship between winegrowing and winemaking is of the utmost importance.

Great philanthropists, the Toor family donate proceeds from winery tastings to building and maintaining a sports stadium in India. Annual tournaments take the family back to celebrate and renew their ongoing commitment.

"We believe that we must "grow" wine. Periactin generic. We started as farmers, and know that great wines can only be achieved with wonderful grapes.

When we purchased the Estate, we planted vines that would prosper on that particular vineyard, and this is a philosophy that we carry on with all of our vineyards. We grow the grapes that grow best in each vineyard.

We also craft wines that are representative of the terroir, with a balanced elegance that can only be achieved through a seamless collaboration between winegrowing and winemaking."