Wine Making

Dessert Hills Estate Winery proudly inherited its process from the Toor family to grow grapes. The first vineyard was established 23 years ago where all grapes were selectively hand harvested. Desert Hills Estate Winery now integrates scientific methodology developed by Dr. Elias Phiniotis who has over 47 years of experience in wine production, is a third generation wine maker and holds a PhD in Chemistry.

With the expertise of Dr. Elias Phiniotis, 70-80% of wine production is best conducted in the vineyard. Wine production begins pruning in January of each year. Shoot thinning is completed by removing extra bunches and leaves, classifying the quality of each grape, and separating each stem from its grapes. After destemming, the grapes undergo the first fermentation for two weeks and another fermentation for two months.

During the Malolactic fermentation, malic acid is turned into lactic acid which is stored in special barrels made in France and aged for fifteen months to twenty months. The aging process is conducted in an underground barrel room where conditions are constantly monitored. Once the wine has aged sufficiently, they are filled into tanks and bottles. A full bodied red wine will be kept for 4-5 years before release.